Aethos Management Consulting Privacy Policy

We hold personal data in two forms:

  • Our website gathers tracking data from ‘cookies’ left on your computer or mobile device. Please see our Cookie Policy to learn more about this.

  • We also hold personal information that identifies people by their name. Please read the rest of this Privacy Policy to see why, and how we will keep it safe.


We may hold your personal data for one of two reasons:


As a business we have a legitimate interest in holding your data

In this case we hold your personal data because you are a client, or a recent client, or a potential client. We may need to retain your data as part of our record-keeping activities, and we would also like to stay in touch with you.

Alternatively, we may hold your data because you offer a great service or product, and we would either like to do business with you, collaborate with you or tell others about you.

In both cases, we received your personal data from correspondence with you, from networking activity or from a public source. The data we hold for this purpose is your name, contact details and notes about your business and our contacts with you. We intend to hold this data indefinitely. If you object to us holding your data, or using it to tell others about your business, please let us know. Please note that we are legally obliged to hold details of financial transactions for up to seven years.

You have consented to participate in a research project we have undertaken

In this case we hold your personal data because you gave it us with your consent. The purposes of the project, the data we need for it, any other organisations that would see your data and the length of time we will hold it for were all explained at the point you gave your consent.

As well as all the rights described below, you have the right to withdraw your consent and ask us to delete your personal data. For projects where we are the data controller, we will do so. Sometimes however we will be acting as a data processor for another organisation that is acting as the data controller: in these cases, we will pass on your request and act according to their instruction.

The following also applies…

Aethos Management Consulting take the security of your personal data very seriously. We have a data security policy to help us ensure your data is held and processed safely, with appropriate physical, digital and procedural safeguards in place.

We will do our best to keep the data we hold accurate. If you spot any errors in the data we hold on you, please let us know and we will rectify them.

We use some third-party services to allow us to do our job and these may be used to process your data. Our website is hosted by Wix and the tracking data on it is analysed by Google Analytics. We use Microsoft to store email contact details. We are satisfied that these companies will look after your data to the necessary standards.

We won’t use your personal data for anything we haven’t already told you about. Unless obliged to do so by law, we won’t share your data with anyone other than the above organisations (along with any others you were informed about at the time we gathered your data). We won’t use your data for any form of profiling or automated decision-making.

You can ask to see what personal data of yours we hold. You can also ask us to delete it, or to tell us not to use it for some of the purposes described in this policy.

To contact us about any aspects of our use of your personal data, including notifying us of withdrawal of consent, request to access data, request to correct errors, etc, please email us at

If you are unhappy with any aspects of how we use your personal data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners’ Office (